October 13-16, 2016

Looking to create experiences that you will cherish forever? Looking to connect with like-minded, successful awesome couples and individuals that want to make a bigger impact in the world? This 4-day expedition is just for you.

This experience of a lifetime to the beautiful desert of Sedona will nurture, heal and leave you with an expanded experience of love. Think of this expedition as your key to being the change that you want to see in the world.

This 4 day retreat is focused on expanding healing in your life and in the world. It's a journey into your heart, to expand consciousness and interconnectedness while giving you practical spiritual practices that allow you to fully express your values and desires to create abundance and prosperity!

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Imagine being pampered and treated like the divine being that you are... Imaging giving yourself the gift of relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration... What would be possible in your life with this renewed energy and sense of self? Now imagine an experience of deeper love, gratitude, connection and a sense of ownership that the time is now for us to make a difference for the world. After this extraordinary time together you'll walk away with: 

  • Knowing the one thing that will make the biggest difference in your fulfillment and sense of love. 

  • A memory of one of the best times in your life where you felt connected and present to love. 

  • A sense of peace and freedom to fully express yourself. 

  • An expansion of your senses while awakening to the next level of interconnectedness. 

  • A roadmap for integrating spiritual practices into your daily life that create ease, grace and flow. 

“Are you available for the flow of life? Are you fully prepared to receive? ” Are you ready to wake up to the next chapter of your life? 

This luxurious get-away is for you if you: 

Desire to live life to the fullest 

Desire to connect at a new level

Desire to learn how to heal yourself..so you can be the captain of your wellness ship

Desire to be friends with kindred spirits... so you feel part of a community of like-minded people

Desire to be surrounded by other positive, powerful, pro-active dreamers that want to make an impact on the planet 

Desire to grow spiritually... so you feel connected at a deep level with all that there is

Desire to find your flow


The Endlessly Magnificent...

Creating an extraordinary experience curated exclusively for YOU! 

Located in the majestic Boynton Canyon among Sedona's red rock formations, Enchantment Resort is a place that truly inspires the mind, body, and spirit. 

This incredible 5-Star Resort is set on 70 acres of panaramic natural terrain. In a box canyon of towering cliffs, Enchantment sits on land sacred to Native Americans. The resort is committed to honoring and preserving this land and its heritage, both through a partnership with the National Forest Service and through a widespread "greening" program. 

This includes recycling everything from paper to batteries, purchasing local goods and services to reduce the carbon footprint, offering organic wines and key-cards made from renewable crops, using biodegradable cleaning agents, composting landscape cuttings, and far more. Five-year goals encompass solar conversion and new energy management systems, and the cutting-edge technology of a Micro Auto Gasification System is already in place.

Equally important to celebrating the earth and its resources is a deep and abiding respect for the land surrounding the resort, which led Enchantment to establish the Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund in cooperation with the National Forest Service.

Community, Fun, Luxury, Healing & Love... All In One Experience

Expedition Calendar

* This is a sample retreat schedule, and subject to change. Selection of activities coordinated with assessment. 


- Shuttle to/from Resort from Phoenix Airport 

- 3 nights accomodations at 5-star Enchantment Resort with either Single or Double Occupancy, including resort fee and porteage fees 

- Welcome basket/snack upon arrival

- Morning mediation on the lawn 

- Morning Yoga class 

- Spa Treatment Voucher - (A holistic approach to rejuventation inspired by the rich wisdom and traditions of Native American people)

- 2 Days of Activities that are customized to help you on your healing journey 

- Gourmet, Lavish Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners (See chart above) 

- 2 Worshops 

- Vision Quest and Cultural Event 

- Your personal soul profile reading 

- Parting momento




Upon registration, Brandy will work with you in a private consult on how to create the best healing experience while on your trip and offer tools to implement to help you on your journey. 


In the two months following the expedition, there will be a group call, to stay connected and be supported on your continued journey. 


From the moment you enroll, you'll have this sacred online space to connect with the community for play, encouragement, and support. 24/7 connection at your fingertips. 

A Word From Brandy Amstel

“In the past, I’ve worked really hard, forcing and striving to learn more so that I could figure things out to get ahead in life, I’ve tried a bunch of different things hoping that this next piece of information would be the missing piece of the puzzle or maybe this program would give me what I need. Or maybe I needed to push myself even harder to make more connections at networking events.

And what I’ve come to realize is that I am my own guru. I am the connection that I’ve been waiting for. When I create opportunities to reflect, inquire and connect...Create room to explore, feel, and think...Create opportunities to get quiet enough to hear my inner wisdom… I have all of the answers I’ve been looking for within.

If I am kind, loving and gentle with myself, allowing myself grace to just BE, to rejuvenate and replenish, then I have more of me to offer. My life has become more about allowing the answers, the inner wisdom, to surface. Allowing the right connections to show up. Allowing my body to serve me at a higher level.

This Living Powerfully Expedition to Sedona is an opportunity, a structure to support you in taking time for you to connect with you. Allowing yourself to heal, relax, and refresh your body, mind and spirit.

My belief is that when we heal ourselves first and are overflowing, then we can begin to heal the world around us from this overflow. We can experience deeper love, gratitude, and a sense of ownership that the time is now for us to make a difference for the world. Mother Earth needs us. The time is now. There is still time.”

Lavish decor and cozy fireplaces create the perfect ambiance.

Locally sourced, imaginative culinary delights for all tastes. 

One of the top destination spas by Travel & Leasure. 

Creating an unforgetable experience curated exclusively for YOU! 

What Are You Waiting For?

The time is now to live and love fully. 

Invest in Yourself!

$4933 Single Occupancy

$8665 Double Occupancy

 Registration closes soon and we only have a few spots available! 

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