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Sacred Expression Salon


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Here Are the Details for This Virtual Salon

  • When is it? October 8th, 9PM Boston (ET), 8PM Austin (CT), 7PM Calgary (MT), 6PM San Diego (PT)
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop/phone through Zoom link (link sent to RSVP address)
  • Who's doing it? Hosted by Brandy Amstel
  • Why should I be there? To nurture deeper connection through expansive conversation that feeds your soul.
  • What's it all about? A safe place to be seen, heard, and free to express. Full details below

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What comes to mind for you when you hear personal responsibility?

This has been a big part of my inquiry throughout the years on the road of awakening. The layers continue to open and expand.

As I felt into the topic this month and took steps from divine inspiration, my journaling poured out that there have been many pains in my life, and I had often wished for money to come in and solve the pains. It wasn't the solution....

I remembered myself thinking that if I could just find that one person to believe in me and my idea, then it would be the break that I needed. When in hindsight that one person to believe in me was MYSELF. I was looking to treat a symptom of the pain, not fully addressing the root cause of the pain.

Once I shifted to a more "functional medicine" approach to looking at life and took personal responsibility for where I was, what had gotten me there...all of it...I was able to find hope and choose.

Now as I look through this filter of personal responsibility, I am expanding the conversation to more fully encompass with new am I as a light worker meant to bring hope? How can we collectively shift the perspective from "something is wrong" and someone needs to fix "there is NOTHING wrong" and here is what I desire for myself and the actions I will take.

I believe that everything is happening for me and there are no coincIdences. Eleven years ago, on the same evening as our salon this month marks a profound moment in time when I got to expand my conversation about personal responsibility.

As a participant in the 2009 Sedona Sweatlodge incident where my spiritual community was forever changed and three of our peers died, the media and many in the world brought a particular perspective of personal responsibility that many of us weren't fully prepared for and that we have all had to navigate.

Join us for our next Sacred Expression Salon for a conversation about hope and personal responsibility.

The title of this piece is "Hope". What is hope? What does it mean to you? The definition is a feeling of expectation and a desire for a certain thing to happen...or a feeling of trust...

Artwork is a form of expression for me and most often serves as a reminder of a feeling that I want to bring forth. It gives me power, peace and presence. For me the expression of "Hope" reminds me that it is healthy to hope...healthy to myself and in my truth...As I move through life with the expectation of prosperity and desire for abundance trusting that it is my birthright, life occurs as magic...with ease and grace.

I invite you to find an anchor that reminds you of your personal truth. (Prints available)



  • I am present and mindful of the impact of my words, actions and energy on the conversation and my sacred partners.

  • I create and hold a safe, sacred space and protect all conversations as sacred and private.

  • I share my truth and feelings to more fully claim my own experience without giving advice or imparting wisdom.

By joining the Sacred Expression Salons, I am saying yes to the agreements and yes to my sacred partners holding the high watch to maintain the safety, love and light.