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Sacred Expression Salon

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Here Are the Details for This Virtual Salon

  • When is it? March 12, 9PM Boston (ET), 8PM Austin (CT), 7PM Calgary (MT), 6PM California (PT)
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop/phone through Zoom link #266-879-2049
  • Who's doing it? Hosted by Brandy Amstel
  • Why should I be there? To nurture deeper connection through expansive conversation that feeds your soul.
  • What's it all about? A safe place to be seen, heard, and free to express. Full details below.

This conversation begins in...


Let me know if you plan to attend!


Art inspires action. In our Sacred Expression Salon we're using art to spark the conversation. In the upcoming salon, I'll share a painting from my "Awakening" Series. 

There is an awakening happening on our planet. People are becoming more conscious of their purpose on the planet, more conscious of how their actions impact the whole, and more conscious that we as a society have to shift to thrive in our existence. The Awakening Art Series represents this awakening in myself and others. 

This painting is an expression of love and abundance. It is expansive and never ending. It is freedom. The painting serves as a reminder that Love and Abundance are always there for each one of us. The more present we are in life, the more access we have to it. How much love and abundance are you willing to experience in your life today? 

In our next Salon conversation, let's explore what is being awakened in each of us, how the next level of mastery is revealing itself, and how we are bringing that to the world. 

Here is a link to preview the art work if you are interested. 



  • I am present and conscious of the impact I have on the conversation and my sacred sisters and will be mindful of my words, my actions and my energy. 

  • I create, hold, and protect a safe and sacred space and protect all conversations as sacred and private. 

  • I share my truth and feelings from my own experience and share to more fully claim the moment for myself without trying to give advice or impart wisdom.