Sacred Sisters Unite


April 1-7, 2020

Imagine being with your sacred sisters for 7 days in person sharing connection, conversation, and creation at one of the most magical sacred locations on the planet.

This experience of a lifetime to the beautiful desert of Far West Texas and the Big Bend National Park will nurture, heal and leave you with an expanded experience of love. Being with Mother Earth and allowing spirit to share wisdom and truth through powerful ritual will give insight for each of us to share our brilliance.  

We will complete ths paticular journey in sisterhood on Lake Travis as we utilize the power of our collective energy to amplify our manifestation of our new individual and collective intentions during the Full Moon. 

Think of this expedition as nectar for your soul that grounds us individually and collectively to usher in a new paradigm for how we BE in life, leadership and love...creating oneness and compassion all with fun and ease.  

The Invitation


The invitation is to fly into Austin on April 1st, arriving sometime in afternoon. We will come together in sisterhood at my property on Lake Travis for dinner. The next morning we will head west for a girl's roadtrip to Far West Texas and the Big Bend National Park. We will be enjoying nature hikes, sightseeing, a vision quest, and more as we collaborate on the experience. We will head back to Austin on Sunday and take time to explore Fredericksburg on the way. We will wrap up our experience on Monday by spending time at my home on Lake Travis and if weather permits an afternoon of sailing. During this time we will complete in community a powerful full moon manifestation meditation. The following morning of April 7th is a travel day. 

Our Foundation begins with Desire. 

Desire to live life to the joy, love and abundance 

Desire to connect at a deeper level

Desire to expand we each can continue to be the captain of our wellness ship

Desire to be in a safe environment surrounded by positive, powerful, pro-active sacred sisters that are committed to bringing our God work to the planet 

Desire to grow spiritually... so we feel connected at a deep level with all that there is

Desire to find our flow and embody our highest version  

Desire to collaborate and explore new ways of bringing safety, love and light to the world. 


The Endlessly Magnificent...

Creating an Extraordinary Experience curated Exclusively for YOU! 

Located in Far West Texas among the Big Bend National Park and high desert rock formations, Marathon is a place that truly inspires the mind, body, and spirit. 

We will be staying in two adorable Airbnb Casitas that are set on the outskirts of town with panaramic natural terrain. One has 3 bedrooms and the other has 2 bedrooms. In old ranch house fashion, we will be sharing bathrooms.

The town is small...less than 500 people. Quiet, quaint and rich with history. The Gage Hotel is located on the main street and is where we will be eating dinners. 

The Breathtaking Beauty...

Lake Travis

Welcome to beautiful Lake Travis and my home.  

We will be wrapping up the experiece in Austin. The desire is to share this part of my heaven and abundance with you all. A day to immerse in the beauty and flow of the water and to create powerful collective manifestation with the rise of the full moon. There are several options for accomodations based on what/how you all would like to create this. There is a lovely B&B near my home with availability for individual or shared accomodations, there is a Hyatt Place close by and I am happy to create a glamping environment. Totally open to how this wants to emerge. 

If the weather permits, my husband, Steve has agreed to captain us for a sail on our beautiful sailboat, Tranquilo. 

Connection, Fun, Luxury, Healing & Love... All In One Experience

Experience Calendar

* This is a sample schedule, and subject to change with inspiration and collaboration. 


Costs, Options and Details to Work out 


- 1 night in Austin (April 1st) There are options for a B&B (individual or shared room), Hyatt Place, or camping. We can work together to get this sorted based on your desires and budget. 

- 3 nights accomodations at Casitas in Marathon with either Single or Double Occupancy, including cleaning fee and service fees ($427/person total) I have already reserved these spaces.

- 2 nights accomodations in Austin (April 5 - 7th) There are options for a B&B (individual or shared room), Hyatt Place, or camping. We can work together to get this sorted based on your desires and budget. ($150/person/night is a reasonable budget amount and it can be done less expensive if desired) 


- Flight to and from Austin 

- Transportation to and from airport 

- Driving to Marathon and touring Big Bend National Park (We can take my truck and rent an extra car if we need to) 


- There are many meals that will need to be picnic because of the remoteness of where we are going. I'd like to have everyone pitch in an amount and I will do the gathering of supplies prior to arrival. 

- There are restaurants in Marathon that we will be going to for dinners and lunch in Fredericksburg (See the proposed Experience Calendar above) 



A Word From Brandy

I have a desire to do things differently. You probably have a sense of that because I've expressed such in our conversations...two because this landing page is more of a outline of desires, ideas and possibilities with an invitation for collaboration and creation to curate the most amazing unique experience.

I desire that this gathering is in collaboration and partnership and that it builds off the foundation of safety and agreements that we have created in sacred sisterhood. 

I have vision for a beautiful experience together as powerful, loving women magnifying our intentions and creating profound impact as we usher in a new paradigm for abundance and how we connect, create and collaborate. My promise and intention is that this experience will be one of the most profound spiritual experiences that is cherished for a lifetime.